HDCP Chair Responsiblities

MGA Handicap Chair – Jim Watson

Watson, Jim

The Handicap Chairman shall:

1. Be responsible for assuring all  competitors have current handicaps.

2. Establish liaison with appropriate personnel of the PNGA.

3. Maintain the handicap records provided by the PNGA to assure  proper parings,  recording of scores, and  analysis  of tournament results.

4. Comply  with the requirements of the PNGA for the timely submission of scores and the processing of new members.

5. Will post all PNGA and USGA releases of pertinence to the membership.

6. Will instruct as necessary in the proper manner to record completed  rounds.  And,

7. Will coordinate with the Treasurer for the deletion of members failing to renew memberships, and in the addition of new members.  He may appoint one member  to assist him in his duties.