2014 Minutes

December 2013

Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association

Boar of Directors Meeting, December 16, 2013

Members Present:  Dan Holtz and Joe Kelly

Absent: roger Reighard, Jim Watson, Michael Graham, John Cragoe, Jack McKay and John Germain

Dan Holtz called the meeting to order at 3:11 pm, but not official business could be conducted because the meeting lacked a quorum.

Unofficially, Dan Holtz recommended restructuring MGA dues to $55.  A decision which will need to be made by the Board at a future date.  Dan Holtz mentioned that the MGA Spring Meeting ran over budget.

The new MGA website is now functioning and can be accessed at www.plmga.org.

Discussion ended at 3:27.

Joe Kelly, Secretary

February 10, 2014

Dan Holtz called the meeting to order at 3:32 pm.  Members present: Dan Holtz, John Cragoe, John Germain, Michael Graham, Don Carlson, Joe Kelly, Jim Watson, Jack McKay.  Absent: Roger Reighard

The first agenda item was the review and approval of the 2014 budget. The budget was adjusted to reflect the correct sources of income for the MGA golf balls. The appropriation for both the spring meeting and annual banquet was noted, and for the March meeting, Michael Graham will research the actional cost of the spring meeting, fall banquet, and the fee, if any to use the Bay Club for these events.  It was left undecided if these events will be catered or managed by the members, themselves.  The budget was approved with furhter discussion.

The new MGA website is now functioning and can accessed at www.plmga.org. it will be correct to reflect the cost of MGA membership, which is $55. to participate in the eclectic competition, the coast is an extra $10 for each member.

1. Jack McKay presented the MGA season schedule for discussion.  Adjustments included “Crew Appreciation Day” on April 4, the starting date for eclectic play April 9, and repositioning of the MgA Board meetings to Mondays.

2. There was discussion about returning to shotgun play once a month, each of which would be followed by an opportunity for members to purchase lunch from Niblick’s menu ater play.  All agreed revisiting this format in hops of building greater friendships.

3. Darren announced that the Demo Day will be held on April 24, with Nike, Ping, Cleveland and Callaway offering their lines.

4. Currently, the calendar reflects hoem and aw competitions with Wing Point, Whidbey Island, Dungeness, Sunland, Gold Mountain, and possibly Chambers Bay.  the adjusted play day schedule will be posted on the MGA website.

John Germain sought input about what divisions to include in this year’s Member/Member Tournament on July 29-30, and will take suggestions back to his committee.

Finally, the subject of play from the forward tees was considered.  Anyone whose handicap is 25 or higher may, if he wishes, elect to play form the gold tees.  However, the following provisions apply: A player must commit to the forward tees at the time he signgs up to play.  When a play’s handicap drops below 25, he must move to the white tees until his handicap returns to 25.  Players playing from the forward tees cannot be part of the eclectic play (largely because of scoring problems).

The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm.

Joe Kelly, Secretary


May 2014

Dan Holtz call the meeting to order at 3:34 pm.  Members present: don Carlson, John Cragoe, John Jermain, Michael Graham, Don Holtz, Joe Kelly, Roger Reighard, Jim Watson.  Absent Jack McKay

Roger Reighard announced that current membership to be 73 paid members.

President’s Cup play will commence on June 11th, with flights dependent on sign ups.

Michael Graham is working on the Annual Banquet, which seem to headed for the Beach club this October.  The budget is $120o, and the membership will licely do the work rather than to have the banquet catered.  Possible menu are hors d’oeuvre, steak, potato, salad, and dessert.

Dan Holtz mentioned that Niblick’s does not want any organizations to bring in food from the outside for their events.  Unfortunately, the pizza the MGA bought in for the staff appreciation day was not appreciated by the Niblick’s staff.

It is not yet known when the sand and seed event will be held, but John Germain would like to have the MGA direct the event in the future.  The golf course will be placing sand containers in the carts for the rest of the season.

Because Jack McKay was not present, no suggested tweaking of the calendar could be completed.

Since there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:55 pm.

Joe Kelly, Secretary


September 2104

Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association

Minutes of September 8, 2014

Present: Roger Reighard, Don Carlson, Dan Holtz, Jim Watson, Michael Graham, John Cragoe, Darren Posey, and Jack McKay

President, Dan Holtz, called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm.

Greens Committee Report – John Cragoe.

  1. Spray to reduce the fungus on the greens has been applied
  2. Air pressure to clean shoes is fixed.
  3. Sign on 18th green has been removed.
  4. OB signs on right side of 18th fairway will be moved back to property line.
  5. Large tree near cart path on 18th fairway will be removed this winter.
  6. Long-range projects are irrigation, replacing equipment and repair cart paths.
  7. Concern of cart drivers coming to close to the greens.
  8. Forward tee on 2nd might be moved during the winter.
  9. Aerification of greens on Monday – Wednesday, October 6-8

Ludlow Cup planning – Jack McKay

  1. Twenty-seven holes on Wednesday, September 17th
  2. Captains: Darren Possey and Adam Barrows
  3. Participants determined by points accumulated, as of September 10th
  4. Teams determined by handicap
  5. First 9 in two-man bestball, 2nd 9 is alternate shot. 3rd 9 is individual
  6. 20 entry fee

Home and Home –

  1. Sunland – October 29th and November 5th
  2. Gold Mountain – October 8th there and October 15th here

Treasurer’s Report – Roger Reighard

  1. As of September 8th – $5623.79
  2. Shot Age: Washburn, Jones and Watson

End of year Banquet – Michael Graham

  1. Wednesday, October 22nd at the Beach Club, 4:00 to 6:30 pm
  2. Catered by Silverwater Café
  3. Fee $10.00
  4. Shotgun start for “Five Club” game – 9:00 am

Board Members for next year

  1. Dan Holtz will start the process of seeking candidates for offices
  2. Election of 2015 officers and board members on October 22nd

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm

Next meeting of the board is Monday, October 13th


October 2014

Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October 13, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Dan Holtz at 3:33pm. Members present: John Cragoe, Mike Graham, Dan Holtz, Joe Kelly, Jack McKay, Roger Reighard, and Jim Watson. Members absent: Don Carlson, John Germain.

The first item of discussion was the October 22 MGA Banquet. Cocktail hour will begin at 5:00, followed by dinner at 5:30 and the evening program at 6:00. Silverwater Cafe will cater the evening at the Beach Club for $15 per member. A no host bar will also be available. The menu will include artichoke pate, bruschetta and crostini, salad, pork loin with garlic mashed potatoes, wine with dinner, and blackberry crumble. The MGA will underwrite part of the banquet’s total $1,957.99 cost and will also distribute approximately $1,800 in prizes. Special thanks to Social Chair, Michael Graham, for his help.

Ballot for 2015 Officers:

The ballot for next year’s Board officers currently remains open and includes:

President: Jack McKay

Tournament Director: John Germain

Secretary: Joe Kelly

Treasurer: Roger Reighard

Handicap Director: Jim Watson

Social Chair: Michael Graham Director at Large*: John Harter

*As past presidents, John Cragoe and Dan Holtz will automatically serve as directors.

Outside Play before MGA Event:  Because the MGA was recently forced to tee off late on Wednesday because of outside tournament play, the Board sought an explanation for this inconvenience. Assistant Pro Darren Posey explained this was an unintended oversight and would not happen again.

Credit at Pro Shop: The question of running MGA tournament(s) money through the golf club, with members being rewarded for play with “pro shop credit” was then discussed. Apparently some members feel cash payouts would be better than merchandise. The Board agreed the current system shows MGA support for the golf club, and further discussion was closed.

MGA Tournament Qualification:  Jack McKay raised the issue of how many players are needed to constitute an official MGA playing event. After discussion, it was agreed that sixteen (16) players would be the minimum number for any given competition. This policy resolves several other potential conflicts.

With no further business on the agenda, Dan Holtz adjourned the meeting at 4:16. Joe Kelly,

Secretary,  Joe Kelly


November 10, 2014

Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 10, 20142014

The meeting was called to order by Jack McKay at 3:32 pm.

Members present: John Germain, Mike Graham, John Harter, Dan Holtz, Joe Kelly, Jack McKay, Roger Reighard, Jim Watson and Director of Golf, Vito DiSantis.

The minutes from the October 13 Board meeting were approved.

In his treasurer’s report, Roger Reighard reported expenditures and the current finances of the MGA. The MGA paid the golf club $1434.03 for the end-of-year banquet prizes, has approximately eight dozen golf balls left that were undistributed for various events, and ended the golf season with a balance of $1,408. It was noted that we overspent the 2014 year by approximately $700.

Because John Cragoe resigned his director’s position, Jack McKay recommended that Allen Panasuk take his place. The Board approved Allen’s nomination and he will serve a one year term as a director.

Social Chair, Michael Graham, then summarized the year from his position. The Board felt Michael’s efforts had produced excellent results. Looking forward to next season, Michael will reserve the Yacht Club for the April 15th spring meeting, noting that the 2014 meeting came in about $350 under budget. He has also set October 21st for the 2015 end of year banquet at the Beach Club and will try to again contract Silverwater Cafe for both events. Silverwater services were warmly received by membership. There was a discussion of this year’s banquet prizes, and any modifications will be considered later.

John Germain, 2015 Tournament Director, shared survey results from this year’s MGA play. There was strong feeling the signup process should be changed, the amount of payouts was debated and the Ludlow Cup process was considered.

As Tournament Chair, John is in charge of the Ludlow Cup, but it was suggested Ludlow Cup points be disseminated regularly to members to hype interest in the event. The Board spent some serious energy discussing several ideas for 2015.

While reviewing 2014 and discussing 2015, it was decided Dan Holtz will chair the Member/Member Tournament and Joe Kelly will handle eclectic scoring for the season. Allen Panasuk will be the MGA representative on the Greens Committee. Tom Jones is already working on next year’s home & away schedule.

Vito announce that Shelly Washburn will serve as the Greens Committee Chair for

While only in an information gathering stage, the concept of cart storage lockers for members near the clubhouse might be upcoming. The lockers would be for pull carts and battery powered caddies.

Also on the agenda was consideration of an MGA handbook for members. Some years ago several Board members assembled an excellent guide for all players, but the handbooks have gradually disappeared. Joe Kelly and Jack McKay will work on a new manual that will provide all MGA members with needed information.

In addition to other fresh ideas presented during the meeting, John Harter urged the MGA to post “real time” results at Niblicks on play days. Members would then be updated on the spot. Members could enjoy some camaraderie as play progresses which would also help Niblicks.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:03.

Joe Kelly,



December 2014

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2014

Roll Call:
The meeting was called to order by Jack McKay at 3:03pm. Members present: John Germain, Mike Graham, John Harter, Dan Holtz, Tom Jones, Joe Kelly, Jack McKay, Roger Reighard, and Jim Watson, Assistant Golf Pro Darren Posey. Member absent: Allen Panasuk.

November Minutes:

The minutes from the November 10 Board meeting were approved as read.

MGA Priorities for 2015:
Jack McKay asked members what they thought the Board should try to accomplish this year. A variety of responses followed, including making the Ludlow Cup a better competition, establishing greater communication within the MGA, raising dues to fund the organization, etc.

Suggestions to Consider:
In a recent letter, John Harter submitted a number of ideas to improve the MGA and, which the Board discussed and prioritized . These ideas included, but were not limited to, modifying the Club Championship, posting scores for all to see at the end of Wednesday play, establishing fewer flights for weekly play, and awarding fewer payouts for gross scores. No final decisions were reached at this time.

Social Events:
When asked about the social calendar for the spring meeting and fall banquet, Mike Graham said he and John Germain will create a social calendar with a fair budget that reflects current MGA goals. One of the ongoing issues is whether the MGA should spend money to create better golf experiences or spend money to subsidize the two yearly social events. Suggestions including cutting back on prizes, cutting back on food costs by not having the events catered, and increasing the money members pay for the October banquet. Mike will report back at the January meeting.

Budget Building:
Because establishing the 2015 budget was a primary goal of this meeting, a number of conflicting financially based issues needed to be debated. In his treasurer’s report, Roger Reighard again announced that the MGA spent $700 more than it took in last year. Because of a continually declining membership, either dues will need to be raised or the budget will have to be pared. We had 73 members this past season but are projecting more like 65 for 2015, making budgetary adjustments necessary. Setting dues at $55 per member for a projected membership of 65, would generate revenue of $3,575. Finalizing the budget was postponed until January when the Board has a more firm estimate on the costs of running the MGA. Information about social activity costs, Wednesday payouts, various tournament costs and payouts, award costs, banquet prizes, etc., will be used to build the budget at that time.

Ludlow Cup Format:
As a means of creating greater variety and enthusiasm, John Germain presented several ideas for Wednesday play. He is planning to generate greater excitementfor the Ludlow Cup by dividing membership into two hopefully permanent teams at the spring meeting, recruiting team captains early in the year to meld players, planning to hold competitions during the year that will score points toward Ludlow Cup participation, posing regularly current point standings, and choosing two captains’ picks for each 12-player team. The pairing party before the Cup will return, and the post competition dinner will feature steaks for the winners and either beans or hot dogs for the losers. John is committed to rebuilding this event.

Weekly Play:
The Wednesday schedule of events will not be posted for the entire season, but instead John will build it monthly to accommodate the usual conflicts generated by golf course operations.

President’s Cup:
He also announced the President’s Cup will be restructured to include the bracketing of either two or four flights (depending on signups) that will ultimately lead to a Cup winner. Flights will be handicapped, seeded, and double elimination. In an effort to stimulate camaraderie and the enjoyment of Wednesday play, John is working on a number of other schemes.

Home and Away:
}Tom Jones, who has graciously coordinated the Home & Home schedule for several years, currently has six events planned for 2015. Because three of these dates involve private clubs where some members still hold career jobs, competition against those clubs will be on Wednesdays. Tom has six dozen golf balls left from last year and requests 30 dozen for this year at an approximate cost of $900.

Handicap Information:
As Handicap Chair Jim Watson will coordinate with John to make sure posting of scores is done accurately and quickly. He has contacted the WSGA and would like to change the default mechanism for the GHIN posting to white tees instead of blue tees. For those unaware, scores currently posted in the pro shop default to a handicap from the blue tees. This was placed in the form of a motion and passed unanimously.

MGA Handbook:
Joe Kelly and Jack McKay have been working on a small handbook that would include a number of important items MGA members should have. It will include information on proper posting (including ESC), general rules and regulations, Wednesday play protocol, special events, etiquette, and a membership list with phone numbers and email addresses. Still in the draft stage, it will be distributed to all members in the spring in an effort to make sure everyone in the MGA is on the same page.

Pro Shop Report:
Darren had two announcements: Vito is arranging a play day at Chambers Bay, which is still being finalized. The golf club is holding a Chile Open tournament, with more information coming soon.

The meeting stood adjourned at 4:58pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Kelly