2016 PLMGA Minutes

September 2016

Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2016

John Germain called the meeting to order at 3:29pm. Members present were: John Germain, Steve Hendrick, Dan Holtz, Joe Kelly, Jack McKay, Roger Reighard, Jim Selby, and Jim Watson. Absent: Roger Haskin. Darren Posey represented the golf club. Minutes from August 8 were approved as read.

Roger Reighard announced the current MGA budget balance, reflecting a positive amount of $4,915.28. He also presented a brief finance recounting (attached to the meeting agenda by John Germain). Current MGA membership stands at 72.

Handicap Chair, Jim Watson, explained that the USGA and WSGA are moving to “Golf Genius software,” which should be up and running in 2017 in most cases. He also announced that members’ score postings are available for review by all other members at any time through the current system. The WSGA has completed slope and rating changes for all tee boxes at PLGC, and scorecards have been ordered to reflect the updated adjustments. At the Board’s request Jack McKay will be posting an article on “Safeguarding Handicaps” on the website.

In his Greens Committee report Steve Hendrick announced the purchase of six new vehicles, five of which are mowers. The club also added two new members in August and two new members in September.

Jim Selby next presented the plan for the MGA year-end banquet October 26. Social hour begins at 4:30, followed by a full lasagna dinner, drawings and awards. Cost is $10 per member, which includes a hosted bar and wine with dinner. Jim Watson will secure the liquor liability insurance for the evening at a cost of $104. The evening’s drawings will include gift cards for pro shop merchandise.

Roger Reighard is currently working with golf staff to update the several MGA trophies and plaques in the pro shop. Along these lines, the Board has moved away from presenting individual hardware to award winners, deciding instead to give the only “trophy” to the Len Hunton Award recipient. After almost no discussion whatsoever, the Board unanimously voted to award a Lifetime Membership to outstanding long time member Wayne Samples. Future such memberships will be left to the discretion of the Board based on individual cases.

The subject of home/away competitions was then brought up, and the Board spent time discussing their pros and cons for the overall membership. After deliberation, it was agreed to include an “advisory vote” page in the banquet program so members can present their views on the subject.

The meeting stood adjourned at 4:46pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Kelly, Secretary

August 2016

Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Associa6on

Minutes for August 8th Board Mee6ng

In Attendance: Steve Hendrick, Roger Reighard, Jim Selby, Jim Watson, John Germain

Meeting called to order at 3:30 PM

In absence of the secretary, no minutes were available for the June meeting.

Finance Report: Roger Reighard reported we have $4416 in the men’s club account plus the $1510 raised for the Chimicum Boys Golf team. We have not received a request to reimburse expenses for the team so no money has been released.

We currently have 72 members.

Tournament Chair: In Roger Haskin’s absence John Germain presented an outline for the MGA Championship. Document was reviewed by the board and no changes were recommended.

Discussion was held on Home/Home. It was the opinion of some board members that we not have H/Has they reduce field on regular Wednesday’s to a small number. No action was taken as it would be a decision for next year’s board.

Closing Banquet: Jim Selby reported banquet will be held at the Beach Club on Wednesday, October 26,  4:30 open bar (wine and beer) and dinner at 5 with awards to follow. Discussion was held on raffleprizes and suggested that if we do gift cards the amounts be written on the cards. Jim is planning the menu, has obtained help from the WGA to help serve etc. He is stll looking for a couple of people to help cook steaks. Liability insurance was also discussed with no decision made on a purchase.

Handicap: Jim Watson reported that for next year attending the class as Jim did this year will not be required. Handicap chair will have to complete the online 2016 USGA Handicap System Education Assessment. The purpose is to gauge the level of understanding of the Handicap system at your golf club. The assessment takes about 20 minutes.

Nominating Committee: John Germain reviewed requirements for election of next year’s board. Suggested that a nominating committee be formed with Roger Haskin as a member and two MGA members (not on the board) serve on the committee. John G. will recruit these two so the process can start.

Steve Hendrick indicated he would serve again, Roger Reighard said he would do it if no one else volunteered, Jim Selby indicated he would recruit his replacement, Jim Watson prefers to be replaced.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM

June 2016

Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2016

John Germain called the meeting to order at 3:37pm. Members present were: John Germain, Roger Haskin, Joe Kelly, Jack McKay, and Roger Reighard. Absent: Steve Hendrick, Dan Holtz, Jim Selby, and Jim Watson. Darren Posey represented the golf club. There were no minutes from the last meeting because no motions were passed.

Darren Posey summarized the season of the Chimacum golf team, and all agreed this was an extremely successful year. The Cowboys had two all-league golfers and went to Spokane for the state tournament.

Roger Reighard presented the current budget of the MGA, noting a current account balance of $5,918. The cost of golf balls was $2,072. It was also reported that the MGA will donate $1,510 from member contributions to the Chimacum golf team.

Current MGA membership stands at 69.

In his Tournament Director’s report, Roger Haskin said signups are down for the President’s Cup, but presently 40 members have paid to play. The second Ludlow Cup competition will be held as a 9:00am shotgun on June 22. Format will be match play as usual

John Germain took a few minutes to discuss this year’s Member/Member Tournament, July 19-20, which will incorporate a “Monopoly” theme. Publicity will start this week. Format is the same as in the past, although players will “collect Monopoly dollars” as they play and buy prizes after the event as part of an auction format. He than summarized the Greens Committee meeting, the details of which, as usual, will be sent out by the golf club. It is worth noting that the outside boundaries of several course holes have been changed, so the course has included a list of new boundary markings in their monthly update to members. John also added that, while

Handicap Director Jim Watson was not at the meeting, he wants members to know that the MGA is in total compliance with the Washington State Golf Association.

The next Board meeting will be on Monday, July 2, at 3:30 at the Bay Club.

The meeting stood adjourned at 4:42pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Kelly, Secretary

February 2016

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2016

John Germain called the meeting to order at 3:30pm. Members present were: John Germain, Roger Haskin, Steve Hendrick, Dan Holtz, Joe Kelly, Jack McKay, Roger Reighard, Jim Selby, and Jim Watson.

Minutes from the January 11 meeting were unanimously approved.

The treasurer’s report was read by Roger Reighard, who noted a current balance of $1,373.02. Current membership stands at 25, including 18 who have signed up for eclectic play, but numbers will continue to rise as the MGA season nears. Thus far the MGA has also collected $740 to support the Chimacum HS golf team.

Attention was turned to discussion and approval of the 2016 budget. After some discussion and minor clarification of categories, it was moved, seconded, and unanimously passed that the MGA budget for 2016 be approved. Projected income will run approximately $8,926, with expenditures predicted at $8,376, leaving a projected cushion of $550.

The MGA Handbook will be updated for 2016. However, the Board felt that to spend funds on a paper publication in a digital age would be extravagant. It was therefore moved, seconded, and passed that the handbook be published online and a digital copy be distributed to membership.

So much work has been completed on the course that Steve Hendrick’s Greens Committee report consumed much of the remaining meeting time. The culvert on 18 has been completed, and the one on 12 is in progress. Work will also be done on 1 for drainage purposes. Several bunkers have also been reshaped, adjusted to promote drainage, and supplied with sand. Sprinkler zones will now be operated via remote, and over half of some 1500 sprinkler heads have been repaired or replaced.

The plan also calls for grass around all ponds to run down to water’s edge now that ponds have been excavated and surrounding invasive plants removed.

Since the season has not yet started, Jim Watson’s handicap report was truncated, but one item will be emphasized to all members this year: Members playing a round of golf alone will no longer be able to report their score for handicap purposes.

Jim Selby also had some social announcements to add. The April 21 spring meeting will be cash bar at the Yacht Club at 4:00pm. Menu is BBQ pulled pork, beans, and coleslaw. The yearend banquet will be held at the Beach Club on October 26, with a return to the format that was so popular last year: steaks with all the trimmings, beer, wine, and the same vivacious serving crew.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:09pm.

Respectfully submitted,

kelly, joe

Joe Kelly, Secretary

January 2016

Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2016

John Germain called the meeting to order at 3:32pm. New Board members in attendance were: John Germain (President), Roger Haskin (Vice President and Tournament Chairman), Steve Hendrick (Member at Large), Dan Holtz (Past President), Joe Kelly (Secretary), Jack McKay (Past President), Roger Reighard (Treasurer), Jim Watson (Handicap Chair), Darren Posey (Head Golf Professional).

Absent: Jim Selby (Social Chairman).

Dan Holtz’ minutes from the November 9 meeting were approved as read.

Roger Reighard announced a year ending treasury balance of $1,373.02, after which John Germain reviewed the line items for the proposed 2016 budget.

Discussion of the appropriation for various categories and various column adjustments received the most attention. A $1,000 donation expense for the Chimacum golf team was analyzed as was the need to set membership dues at $60 per player. It was moved and passed that dues be established at $60. It was then also moved and passed that the MGA support the Chimacum golf team through the solicitation of voluntary individual member donations, and that the registration form include an appropriate column for such. Because the final budget could not be solidified at this time, it was decided to delay final approval until the February meeting.

Roger Haskin, Tournament Chairman, distributed a proposed calendar for 2016 MGA play. Board members were in agreement with the various kinds of events being planned. Roger shared that he has looked into using GHIN TPP software wherever possible this year in an effort to increase the efficacy of MGA play.

John Germain will coordinate Ludlow Cup play this year, while John Cragoe will coordinate the MGA/ WGA exchange. Home & Home dates so far include Wing Point in June, Whidbey in July, Dungeness in August, and Gold Mountain in September. This schedule is tentative.

As part of his duty as Director at Large, Steve Hendrick reported on the Greens Committee meeting. PLGC would like to continue it adopt-a-hole policy, which they feel was tremendously successful its first year. Volunteers would assist with raking bunkers, sanding and seeding tees, and repairing ball marks on greens. The club plans to mow greens daily, roughs Tuesday and Thursdays, and fairways every other day. Thus far sprinklers have been either repaired or replaced through hole 6 as the club continues its renovation efforts.

Under his Handicap Chair’s report, Jim Watson will continue his efforts to improve all aspects of handicap tracking and score reporting, and will attend a workshop on the 20th.

Jim Selby, Social Chair, has secured the Yacht Club for the April 21st spring meeting. As the last item, Roger Haskin shared the information he has gathered from the various organizations on their use of the MGA website, trying to weigh the cost/value aspects. Roger will pursue avenues by which the site might be better utilized.

John Germain congratulated Darren Posey as the new Head Golf Professional.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:13pm.

Respectfully submitted,

kelly, joe

Joe Kelly, Secretary

November 2105

November 8, 2015 meeting minutes – PLMGA
Those Present: John Germain, Roger Reighard, Steve Hindrick. Jack McKay. Roger Haskin, Shelly Washburn, Jim Watson, Darren Posey, Dan Holtz
General comments relative to 2015 gold season:
• More money on prizes, less on food
• Good job by green’s committee
• Banquets are a time to get together
• Try to set up lunch after play
• Insurance policy for when liquor is served is a good idea
• We all need to be advocates for the golf course
Shelly Washburn comments:
• We have a tow year plan
• Goals for first quarter are:
• Deferred maintenance
• Greens and sand traps
• Irrigation system
• Allow the course to breath and lower the water table
Budget discussion:
• Raise dues to $60.00
• Support for the Chimicum golf team – good idea, needs to be discussed at the Spring meeting for membership buy in
Tournament chair discussion:
• Want to play with members they do not usually play with
• Still working on 2016 weekly play
Handicap Chair discussion:
• Will register the PLMGA with the PGA
• Continue to work on education about handicaps and rules of play

Submitted by Dan Holtz