2017 Application Form

Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association

2017 Registration Form

Name: _______________________________                     Phone: ____________________

Email: _______________________________

Registration Fees:

MGA Season                                     $60

Eclectic ($10)                                     ___________

Donation to Chimacum Golf Team           ___________

Your Total                              ________­­­­___

Please leave your registration and check in the pro shop. The MGA season starts in mid-March.

Explanation of Fees:

MGA season registration: The $60 helps support the activities of the MGA including golf and social events.

Eclectic: Pay this amount if you want to compete in the season long eclectic. The eclectic is the sum of your best net and gross scores, respectively, on each hole over the course of the season.

Donation to Chimacum Golf Team: This optional contribution will help purchase much needed equipment for their 2016 season.  The board has committed the MGA to providing funds and are looking for you to join us with small gifts of $25 to $100. All gifts big or small are appreciated.

Questions: Contact Russ Michel at russmichel234@gmail.com or ask in the pro shop.