Ludlow Cup Format

The Ludlow Cup has traditionally been an end of season event that pits the Starboard team against the Port team. Individuals qualified for the team by accumulating participation points throughout the season.

We are expanding the format and a season long competition is being implemented this year. Here is an attempt to describe how it will work:

  • Each MGA member will be assigned a team, Port or Starboard, and will be on that team for the entire season.
  • Each team will have a team captain to lead them throughout the year. This years captains are Joe Kelly for Port and Allen Panasuk for Starboard
  • There will be 4 Ludlow Cup competitions during the year, April 29, May 20, July 1, and August 26. Everyone is eligible to compete in each of these four events where you will play in matches against a member of the other team. The team with the most members signing up will score a point and the team winning the most matches will score a point. All points scored will count for the season ending Ludlow Cup on Sept 16.
  • To be on the season ending Ludlow Cup team you will accumulate participation points during the year. The top 10 point earners will automatically qualify for the Sept 16 Ryder Cup style event. Two additional spots for each team will be selected by the team captain to round out the teams of 12.

Who will win the Ludlow Cup? Here is a point break down.

  • The four competitions during the year will each score 2 points for a total of 8 points
  • The final event in September will have 24 points available.
  • So that is 32 points with the team scoring the most wins.