Ludlow Cup

The Tournament Chair (may appoint an assistant) will organize and administer this event.  An option event includes keeping Ludlow Cup points and determining the team members and arranging a “pairing party” prior to the event and the social to follow.

The Ludlow Cup is a 27-hole event using the similar format of the Ryder Cup.  The event will consist of a 9-hole alternate shot, a 9-hole best ball match, and 9-hole singles match.

Qualifications:  The top twenty-four (24) point winners will qualify for the Ludlow Cup matches.  To ensure that the teams are as equal as possible, Port and Starboard teams will be paired by handicap.

Point System: Points are earned on an individual basis for participating in tournaments throughout the season.  Poins are earned in the following manner:

First Low gross and net in each flight = 4 points
Second place in each flight = 3 points
Third place in each flight = 2 points
All other participants = 1 point

Players can only be awarded point in one category, e.g., either low gross or low net points, whichever is greater.

President’s Cup Point toward the Ludlow Cup

Champion: 9 points
Second Place: 6 points
Third place: 4 points
Fourth place: 3 points
Fifth place: 2 points
All other participants: 1 point

Home and Home Matches
One point for participation

Tie breaker to determine participation in the Ludlow Cup
1st Tiebreaker: Player with the most days of participation
2nd Tiebreaker: Player with most points in the Club Championship
3rd Tiebreaker: Player with most points in the President’s Cup
4th Tiebreaker: Flip a coin.