Niners By-Laws

Men’s 9er By Laws





1.     “Fiscal Year” wherever used in these By-Laws shall mean that current period of twelve (12) months between January 1 and December 31 of the current year.


1.     The Annual meeting of the Association shall be held prior to the first scheduled play day of the year. It is normally the March Cocktail Party.


1.     The officers of this association hold office for a period of one (1) year.

2.     A nomination committee of three members in good standing for the following year’s officers shall be selected by the Captain(s).  This committee will elect their chairman(s), post a slate of nominees at the Pro Shop.

3.     Additional nominations for each office may be accepted from the membership, with the consent of the nominee.

The election of officers will be held by the Trustees unless when only one person is nominated for an office, the presiding officer may instruct the Secretary to cast an unanimous ballot for the nominee.


1.     The Captain(s) shall, on behalf of the Association,

  • (a) preside at all meetings,
  • (b) appoint all committees,
  • (c) coordinate all activities with the Pro Shop and other organizations,
  • (d) delegate all functions of yearly play to nominated officers and
  • (e) recruit new members..

2.     Co-Captain(s) shall, in the absence of the Captain, have all the powers of and perform all the duties vested in the Captain.  Co-Captain will be responsible to arrange and coordinate exchanges with other associations. The Men’s Co-Captains will in addition, represent the Men’s Niners at the Green Committee meetings. Before each meeting solicit comments/suggestions from members and present them at the meeting with the origin of the comments remaining anonymous.

3.     Secretary shall, on behalf of the Association,

  • (a) maintain a roster of the membership,
  • (b) keep minutes of all meetings

4.     Treasurer shall, on behalf of the Association,

  • (a) be charged with the custody of all funds,
  • (b) maintain a sufficient set of records to reflect the financial condition of the Association,
  • (c) furnish a financial statement to officers and membership at the first meeting of the fiscal year, and
  • (d) pay current expenses of the Association.

5.     Statistics/Handicap Chairperson shall, on behalf of the Association,

  • (a) collect all scorecards;
  • (b) Port Ludlow Golf Club personnel will be responsible for membership in the Pacific Northwest Golf Association (PNGA) handicap index.  (the PNGA handicap system is the GHIN/USGA system)
  • (c) prepare yearly books.

6.     Women’s Play Day Chairperson shall, on behalf of the Association,

  • (a) select weekly play,
  • (b) collect weekly dues and putt monies,
  • (c) distribute prizes.

Men’s Play Day Chairman will

  • (a) Post Game signup sheet a week in advance either in the Pro Shop’s Locker room or by e-mail.
  • (b) Determine teams, handicaps and starting times.
  • (c) Distribute Tee time information by Tuesday evenings
  • (d) On golf day, collect weekly game dues and pass out play cards/ KP sign
  • (e) Distribute prizes.

7.     Trustees shall, on behalf of the Association, temporarily assume the duties of any officer or chairperson when called upon.

8.     Social Committee Chairperson shall, on behalf of the Association,

  • (a) coordinate with the Beach/Bay Clubs for use of dining rooms,
  • (b) oversee monthly couple’s potluck,
  • (c) appoint couples to be in charge of monthly potluck.

The Men’s Social Chairman will Coordinate with Beach or Bay Club for Hamburger Bash event and arrange any other social event that is desired by members


1.     No member shall be eligible to vote at any meeting whose dues are in arrears or who has not paid the annual membership fee in full.


1.     Special meetings of the Men’s and Women’s Niners membership shall be called by the Captain(s) when necessary.


1.    All standing or playing rules adopted by the Officers may be changed at the beginning of each year.


1.     To be eligible for nine-hole weekly competition, a member must have either a temporary or a permanent handicap as prescribed under Article IX.

2.     Tournament play for the Captain’s and Ludlow Cup and any other designated tournaments is established yearly and schedules are found in the Port Ludlow Nine-Hole Golf Association Handbook.  A member must have a permanent handicap as prescribed under Article IX.


1.     The Men’s and Women’s Nine-Hole Handicap Chairperson will coordinate with the Port Ludlow Golf Club personnel to maintain handicaps with Pacific NW Golf Assn. GHIN/USGA handicap system.

2.     New members with established handicaps must obtain and present to the Handicap Chairperson their last ten (10) scores of nine-hole golf.

3.     A temporary handicap for new Nine Hole members will be established after five (5) rounds of nine-hole golf. Prior to five rounds, the handicap will be zero (0).

4.     A permanent handicap will be established after ten (10) rounds of nine-hole golf.


1.     Any playing member making a hole-in-0ne in a Nine Hole Event will be awarded a one hundred dollars ($100.00) prize. This money will be derived from the annual dues.

2.      If more than 1 hole-in-one is recorded during an event, the prize shall be divided equally between winners.  All Members recording a hole-in-one during an event will be given a trophy at the end of season golf banquet.


1.     Starting times will be in accordance with the Port Ludlow Nine-Hole Golf Association Handbook Schedule sections.

2.     Putts will be holed out at all times.

3.     Score cards must be turned in on same day as competition is played.

4.     Only games played on designated days as scheduled in the Port Ludlow Nine-Hole Golf Association Handbook are eligible for eclectic scores.

5.     A set fee determined by Men’s and Ladies’ groups will be charged weekly for prizes in weekly competition.

6.     Sign up sheets for weekly play for both men and ladies will be posted in the Men’s and Ladies locker rooms of the Pro Shop.  When a member who has signed up cannot play, the appropriate Play Day chairperson should be notified so player’s name may be removed.

7.     Members in good-standing may invite one guest per year for monthly/couples tournament.  Guests may participate in tournaments once per year.  Members’ participation will take priority over that of guests.

8.     Members must sign-up their guests for both golf and potluck food list.

9.     Any former member of the Nine Hole Golf Assn. can become a social member for a nominal fee and are eligible to participate in any Nine Hole social event at their own expense.

10.  Men Niner’s have the option to play from the forward Gold Tees vs the White tees, provided that the man has a nine hole handicap of twelve (12) or higher. Forward Tee players will be in their own Gold handicap flights. If a Forward Tee player improves his handicap to eleven (11) or lower, he will be moved back to the White Tees and play with the appropriate Flight.

11.  When a Lady Niner has a special challenge on a particular hole and she wishes to continue to play in the Lady Niners’ Thursday competition, she may make a request of the Lady Niners’ membership for a special consideration for a particular hole (for the period of time that she is challenged).  This consideration must include taking penalty strokes to remain in the competition.  Lady Niners will be informed of the member’s request (by e-mail from the Lady Niners’ Captain) and if there are no objections, the special consideration request will be granted.  If someone wishes to challenge the request, they may do so at the next scheduled Niners’ Board Meeting.  The final decision regarding the disposition of the request will be made by the Lady Niners’ Board Members.  This decision will be communicated to the Lady Niners’ membership via e-mail.


  1. Couples Chairperson shall, on behalf of the Association, (a) select monthly play for couples, (b) be in charge of all couples tournaments, (c ) obtain and distribute all awards for couples.
  1. Sign-up sheets for Couples Play and Potluck Food list will be posted at the Pro Shop Front deck prior to play day.  Name must appear on the list for the activity he or she intends to participate in; and on both lists if he or she intends to both play golf and attend the potluck.
  1. All participants in couple’s golf (except guests) must be members of Nine Hole Golf Assn.

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