Name and Purpose

SECTION I   The name of the organization shall be the Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association (PLMGA or the Association), a non-profit organization.

SECTION II   The purpose of the Association is the following:  (1) To promote organized golf for male members of the Port Ludlow Golf Club by giving each member who joins the Association an opportunity to participate in organized play; (2) to provide golfing competitions designed to encompass all levels of handicaps; (3) to recognize the established rules of golf as set forth in the USGA Rules of Golf; and (4) to foster good fellowship among our members.


Authority and Limitations

SECTION I   The Association is organized under and will operate in full compliance with the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of the Port Ludlow Golf Club.



Section I   Membership shall be open to those men who are members of the Port Ludlow Golf Club.  Therefore, there are no limitations for membership except as may be set forth in the Bylaws of the Port Ludlow Golf Club or as specified under Disciplinary Action in the Rules and Regulations for Administration and Events of the Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association (hereafter referred to as Rules and Regulations).


Dues and Assessments

 SECTION I   The annual dues shall be set by the Board of Directors prior to the beginning of each play year.

SECTION II   The play year established for the PLMGA is January 1 through December 31.  The annual dues are payable prior to the first day of the New Year.  Reduced fees are available for new members who join after June 30.  They will pay 60 percent of the annual fee until August 30, after which they will pay 30 percent of the annual fee.



SECTION I   The Board of Directors of the Association (the Board) will be comprised of the following Officers:


Vice President and Tournament Chairman (also referred to either Vice-President or

Tournament Chairman)



Handicap Chairman

Social Chairman

Director (three)

SECTION II   Any member in good standing may be elected or appointed to office.  All terms of office shall start on the first day of the month following elections.

SECTION III   Vacancies occurring in Board offices shall be filled by Presidential appointment with the approval of the Board.  Should a vacancy occur in the President’s office, the Vice-President will fill the office.  In making an appointment to the Vice-President’s office, the appointee’s familiarity with the duties of Tournament Chairman shall be a prime consideration.  Appointees will complete the full term of the former incumbent’s term of office.

SECTION IV   In the event that an Officer fails in his assigned duties or shows lack of interest in the Association by failure to attend Board meetings without cause, at the discretion of the Board, said person may be removed from office.



 SECTION I   The Association is administered by the Board of Directors.  Each Officer on the Board has defined duties which in total cover the full range of administrative needs of the Association.  The Officers’ duties are set forth in Article IX of the Bylaws.

SECTION II The Officers’ shall be responsible to enforce the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations as currently written and adopted.  If the Officers’ desire to change these documents, the revisions must be submitted to the membership for adoption.



 SECTION I   An annual meeting of the membership shall be held no later than early November.  The prime purpose of this meeting is to elect Officers’ for the upcoming year.  In addition, proposed changes in the Association’s Bylaws, will be voted upon. A majority vote of fifty-one percent of the membership is required for the resolution to pass. The third purpose of the meeting is the presentation of awards.

SECTION II   Other meetings of the membership may be called at any time at the discretion of the President or the Board.

SECTION III   Members shall be notified at least two weeks in advance of any general meeting, with a proper notice including an agenda for the meeting.

SECTION IV   The President shall schedule a Board meeting at least every second month to conduct the regular business of the Association.  The President should provide five days notice for the meeting unless unusual circumstances dictate otherwise.


Election of Officers

 SECTION I   The expiration of the term of any elected office requires an election by the membership.  Any elected position with an expiring term (except President) will be open to anyone agreeing to serve in that position.  There is one additional requirement for the office of President.  A candidate for President must have served on the Board during the present or previous year.

SECTION II   A chart will be posted in the clubhouse at least one month before the election.  Anyone interested in serving in an available position will sign on the chart.  Those signing will be put on the ballot for the election to be held at the annual meeting.  Provision will be made for absentee vote.

SECTION III   If no member steps forward for a position(s) by one week before election, the Board will poll qualified members for submission of their names.

 SECTION IV   Terms of office for the Board of Directors are as follows:

 1.         President

  a.  The President’s term of office is one year.

 b.  If no qualified member is brought forward by the election date, the  President shall serve another term.

c.  If no one steps forward or is brought forward by one week before  election the following year, the requirement for serving on the Board during the present or previous year will be removed for that election in order to present a candidate(s).

2.         Vice-President and Tournament Chairman

 a.  The term of office is one year.

3.         Secretary

a.  The Secretary’s term of office is one year.

4.         Treasurer

a.  The Treasurer’s term of office is two years.

5.         Handicap Chairman

a.  The Handicap Chairman’s term of office is one year.

6.         Social Chairman

 a.  The Social Chairman’s term of office is one year.

7.         Director’s Chair

a.  There are three Directors.  Two of the chairs will be filled by the immediate past presidents serving two-year terms.  The Third Director will be elected from the members at large each year.


  Officers’ Duties

a.   President.    The President shall preside over all Association meetings and be responsible  for all business.  He shall act as principal liaison between the Association and the Management of the Port Ludlow Golf Club.  He shall appoint any committees necessary, and may act as chairperson over all committees.  He shall ensure the financial and administrative integrity of the Association.

b.    Vice President and Tournament Chairman (also referred to as either Vice President or Tournament Chairman).   In the President’s absence, the Vice President shall preside at all meetings and perform the duties of the President.  And, he shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.  In his capacity as Tournament Chairman, he develops the tournament schedule for the year and coordinates with others as described in Appendix A.  He coordinates and supervises Men’s’ Day play and other special golfing events.  He develops the pairings for the Association’s tournaments, receives and checks scorecards,  and determines the prize distributions based on the number of participants.  He  coordinates all golfing events with the PLGC management.  And, he administers all golfing awards programs.  He shall appoint a member or members (limit of three) to assist him in his duties as Tournament Chairman, in order to cover possible absences during the tournament year.

c.    Secretary.   The Secretary shall attend all Board and general meetings and shall record and publish the minutes of those meetings to the Board members.  He shall provide and distribute correspondence relating to the Association as required, including press releases. He will publish the annual tournament schedule in conjunction with the Tournament Chairman, and the annual roster in conjunction with the Treasurer.  It is the Secretary’s responsibility to publish the Association’s Bylaws and this document to all members.  He shall record and maintain appropriate files on significant events to facilitate preservation of the historical development of the organization and those who participated.  He may   appoint one member to assist him in his duties.

d.    Treasurer.   The Treasurer shall receive all monies and pay all bills owed by the           Association.  He shall record all receipts and disbursements as they occur in an           appropriate ledger and shall maintain and deposit all funds in a checking account.  He            shall reconcile and retain bank statements and financial reports.  He maintains a complete  membership roster in conjunction with the Secretary and Handicap Chairman, and  performs various other duties as required by the office.  The Treasurer reports at all Board meetings on the financial condition of the Association.  The Treasurer’s records shall be  retained for five years.

e.    Handicap Chairman.   The Handicap Chairman shall be responsible for assuring all      competitors have current handicaps.  He will establish liaison with appropriate personnel of the PNGA.  He will maintain the handicap records provided by the PNGA to assure          proper parings,  recording of scores, and  analysis  of tournament results.   He will comply  with the requirements of the PNGA for the timely submission of scores and the processing of new members.  He will post all PNGA and USGA releases of pertinence to            the membership.  He will instruct as necessary in the proper manner to record completed     rounds.  And, he will coordinate with the Treasurer for the deletion of members failing to renew memberships, and in the addition of new members.  He may appoint one member  to assist him in his duties.

f.     Social Chairman.   The Social Chairman will, in coordination with the Treasurer and the Tournament Chairman, take appropriate action to ensure the availability of refreshments  during Association events.  He will make necessary arrangements for lunch or dinner when required, including the selection of fare, accounting for the number expected to attend, setting up of a head table if required, and other necessary details.  He will assist in  events that require special hospitality provisions, such as home and home play.  And, he will report to the President on all arrangements for the annual banquet and other events.  He may appoint one member to assist him in his duties.

g.         Directors.   The Directors shall participate in all scheduled meetings and chair or serve on committees as requested by the President.  The Directors shall provide counsel to the President, and will vote on the establishment of new programs or the deletion of old programs.  And, they will vote on the new disbursement of Association funds or the  cancellation of established disbursements.  In general, they should cast their vote on all matters put before the Board for vote.



SECTION I   No member of the Association shall receive any compensation for services rendered to the PLMGA.

SECTION II   The President, Vice-President and Treasurer are authorized to sign checks.

SECTION III   The accounting year shall coincide with the activity year, January 1 through December 31.

SECTION IV   An annual review of the Treasurer’s records shall be made by a committee appointed by the President.  The review shall be made prior to the last Board meeting of the year.  The Treasurer shall report at that meeting on the audited financial condition of the Association.  The President shall review and verify the Treasurer’s accounts at least every second month.



 Amendments to this document may be recommended by written proposal from any member of the Association.  Proposals must be submitted to the Board.  The Board will consider the merits of the proposal and take proper action.  If approved, the proposal shall be a subject on the agenda of a meeting of the general membership. A majority vote of fifty-one percent of the membership is required for the resolution to pass. If the Board does not approve the recommendation, the member submitting same shall be notified of the reasons for the decision.



 SECTION I  The Rules and Regulations will be administered by the Board of Directors. Recommendations for changes to the Rules and Regulations may be submitted to the Board in writing for consideration. The Board will consider the merits of the proposal and take proper action. Six members of the Board must be present to form a quorum. The majority vote of the Board is required for a resolution to pass. Any changes will be posted on the bulletin board and general meetings.

            ARTICLE XIII


SECTION 1  A majority approval vote of the membership at a general meeting will be required for the adoption of these Bylaws

Rules and Regulations  Appendix A

Special Tournaments and Events

The Associations holds to very special annual tournaments.  These are the President’s Cup and the PLMGA Championship.

President’s Cup

The President’s Cup will be played by flights, with match play format, and using full handicap.

Flights will be established by handicap groups based on the number of participants.  The Tournament is seeded in double elimination brackets.  The Championship bracket should be a 16 competitor bracket.

The board will set the entry fee, which will be paid prior to the first round of play.

The winner of each flight will have his name engraved on the trophy board in the clubhouse.

PLMGA Championship

Tournament will consist of 54 or 72 holes of stroke play.  The Tournament Chair, with approval of the Board of Directors, will set the format.  The Board will set the entry fee, which will be paid prior to the first round of play.

Other Special Events

In addition to these two tournaments, the Tournament Chair will try to arrange several home and home competitions with other clubs located within a reasonable driving distance.

The Tournament Chairman will also work with others in developing the following tournaments.

1. He will work with community business groups wishing to sponsor Association tournaments.

2. Work with the PLGC management in organizing special play days such as member-guest tournaments.

3. Work with the Port ludlow Ladies’ Golf Association in developing special joint programs such as the Mr. and Mrs. Tournaments and a schedule of monthly Couples Golf Tournaments.

4. Work with the Director of Golf and the Golf Pro in setting up the format for the Ludlow Cup.

Appendix B   Handicap Procedures

Establishing a handicap

If you have a current PNGA handicap index you can participate immediately in PLMGA golfing events after becoming a member.  Your PNGA index should already be in the computer system.  If it is a USGA index, you an obtain documentation from your last club show data, adjusted score, slope, and course rating for your last 20 rounds, if available, or otherwise for the number of rounds your index is based on.  Present this to the Handicap Chairman and he will set it up in the PNA system.  You can then participate in competition immediately.

If you do not have a current handicap index, or are unable to obtain your USGA record, you must play fie rounds with at least one club member present who can attest your scorecard.

Present you scorecards to the Handicap Chairman. He will set up your rounds in the PNA system.  The computer will provide a handicap, which you can use in competition.  You should input additional rounds, which you play to the computer, which is located in  the clubhouse.  You can play in our weekly tournaments as a non -competitor while producing your first five rounds, as long as the type of format does not preclude your participation.

It is important that all rounds of golf played, both at home and away, good or bad, be posted to the PNGA system.  This is required in order to assure fairness for all members in our Association’s competitions.  The PNGA handicap system disregards unusually high scores that bear little relation to the player’s normal ability. And, the system also makes it difficult for a player to obtain a unfairly large handicap increase in any revision period.  The PNGA system is available for posting from April through November.  In the winter months, it is not used in order to avoid distortion of handicaps due to possible poor course conditions or inclement weather.  (9/1/05)

Revised 3/04