Social Chair Responsibilities

Social Chair Responsibilities:

1. Luncheons after a shot-gun start during the season.

2. Golf clinics

3. Hamburger Bash

  • Date/ time: Frist Thursday in October, starting about 12 noon, following a 9 AM shot gun start for both men and women on two different nines.
  • Make the reservation of the Beach Club early in the year.
  • Need a sign up sheet to estimate how much food to buy.
  • The menu used to be burgers, chips, salad, ice cream bars. Drinks were wine, beer and soft drinks.
  • Select someone to purchase the food and supplies.
  • Select a bar tender and cooks for the event
  • Arrange for condiments to be available in sufficient quantity (mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles, onions, lettuce, etc.).
  • Appoint a “clean-up” crews
  • The BBQ at the Beach Club needs charcoal and lighter fluid.
  • The beer, white wine and soft drinks need to be put in ice at least 45-minutes before they get there. Ice is down stairs on the way to the pool.
  • You can check with the Treasure to see what was budgeted for the Hamburger Bash, it usually comes out of the dues.