Tournament Chair Duties and Advice

Advice and Tips for the Tournament Chair:

Always remember, the MGA is just a group of men who enjoy golf and the social activities associated with golf.  In the end, the vast majority are net players.

Tournament Chair Responsibilities  (updated

In the President’s absence, the Vice President shall preside at all meetings and perform the duties of the President.  He shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.

In his capacity as Tournament Chairman, he develops the MGA tournaments schedule for the year and coordinates with others as described in Appendix A. He coordinates and supervises all MGA Wednesday, and other special golfing events.  He develops the pairings for the MGA sanctioned tournaments, receives and checks scorecards, and determines the prize distribution based on the number of participants.  He coordinates all all golf events with the plGC managements.  And, he administres all golf awards programs. He shall appoint a member or members (limit of three) to assist heimin his duties as Tournament Chairman, in order to cover possible absences during he tournament year.

Tournament Chair’s Duties

The Tournament Chair develops and publishes a schedule of tournament dates and formats each January for the season ahead.  The schedule is to be submitted to the Board for Approval.  The Tournament Chairman must coordinate with the Head Pro and the Captain of the Women’s Golf Association to finalize dates for several tournaments (e.g., the Mr. and Mrs., MGA/WGA Exchanges, etc.).

The Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association (MGA) normally conducts a golf tournament each Wednesday between mid-March and the end of October.

The Tournament Chairman or his representative will remove the sign-up sheet no earlier that 3:00 pm on Monday of th tournament week.

The tournament Chairman or his representative will post starting times and pairings in the clubhouse no later than noon on Tuesday.


Player cancellations are not allowed after the 5:00 pm Monday sign-up deadline, except in cases of illness or personal emergency.  In such cases, the Tournament Chair must be notified at the earliest possible time. If this is done, no penalty as described below will be imposed.

Under circumstances other than those described above, failure to withdraw by 5:00 p;m Monday will result in the following actions:  (a) A warning will be given by the Tournament Chairman.  (b) No shows and unexcused absences on play day will result in the participant forfeiting his entry fee for he day.  (c) The entry fee must be paid to play in the next tournament. (d)  When a member incurs multiple violations of the above rules, that member will be subject to recommendations of the disciplinary committee.

An event may be cancelled by the Director of golf of the PLGC or by his authorized representative through coordination with the Association Tournament chair, or by the Tournament Chairman acting independently.  Such a cancellation would be for reasons such as course or weather conditions.

The Tournament Chairman or his representative must collect all scorecards immediately following completion of play.  Scorecards must be complete, signed by the scorekeeper, and attested.  The scorecard must show the date, as well as the gross, net, and adjusted scores of each player, and the team scores as appropriate to the type of event.  The Tournament Chair or his representative will check the scorecards to ensure they are numerically correct, and signed and attested.  An incorrect card may cause the pairings on the card to be subject to disqualification.

The Tournament Chairman or his representative will post tournament results no later than noon of the Thursday following the tournament.

The Tournament Chair is responsible for purchasing the trophies and plaques for the Annual Award Dinner. These include, but not limited to trophies for the Club Champion, the winners of each club Championship flight, and the winners of each President’s Cup flight and plaques for the “Len Hutton Award” and the “Most Improved Golfer.”

Weekly Play

Each Wednesday, the MGA plays an eighteen hole golf tournament.  The games played range from individual play, two man teams and four man teams.  The games and team composition are determined by the MGA Tournament Chairman. The Tournament Chair tries to schedule two team tournaments and two individual score tournaments each month.  There is also a year long eclectic tournament with two handicapped brackets.  Weekly tournaments where individual scores kept are used to determine the eclectic winners.  A sleeve of golf balls given to the individual who is closest to the pin on selected par three holes

There is a $10.00 entry fee per tournament.  The entry fee pool is paid out for golf balls and tournament winners.  Depending on the tournament, the field is divided into flights by handicap or into teams.  The pool is paid out to approximately 40% of the field.  An example follows:

The tournament is individual play – low gross and low net winners

With thirty players, there would be four (4) KPs.

Thirty (30) players sign up                               30 x $10 = $300

$2.00 per player for golf balls                           30 x $2 = $60

Money for distribution                                                       $240

Players eligible for pool                                     30 x .4 = 12 players

Three flights of ten (10) players with four (4) winners per flight

First low gross = $23                             First low Net = $23

Second low gross = $17                        Second low net = $17

This distribution would be repeated across all three flights.

If the division of money for the individual flights comes up with $1 or $2 left over, add the left over to the golf ball pool.

Tie Breaking:

From time to time (in both individual and team play) there will be a tie for a winning position.  The tie will be broken by a card-off:  Starting with the back nine total score, proceeding to the front nine total score and finally to the score on the number one handicap hole …. until a winner is determined.  It is good to indicate that a card-off was used when announcing the winners from a tournament.

Money Distribution:

The golf ball money is returned to the MGA treasure and the distributed money is given to the Pro Shop which in turn keeps record of how much individuals have won throughout the year.  Money is redeemable for merchandise.

Flight and Team Determination:

It should be noted that when determining the individual flights you sometimes have a flight separation occurring within the same handicap.

Example: the separation handicap between the first and second flight is at an 11 handicap.  In theory, you would go the handicap index to determine who goes in the first flight and who goes in the second flight. However, if there were four players with an 11 handicap in the first flight and 1 player in the second flight – place all players in the first flight.  This is an example where the tournament chair must use judgment.  The important thing is to have balanced flights both in number of players and handicaps.  This is also true for some team sports.  You try to balance the total handicap across the teams.  Be careful, a two man team each with a 15 handicap has advantage over a team with a 12 and 18 handicap.

Special Tournaments

There are several special tournaments sponsored by the MGA during the year – President’s Cup, MGA/WGA tournament (one sponsored by the men, one sponsored by the women), Member/Member tournament, Club Championship and the Ludlow Cup.

The President’s Cup

The President’s is in the spring and is match play.  There are three brackets selected by handicap and seeded by handicap index. Within each bracket there is a winner’s bracket and a loser’s bracket.  Each player is guaranteed to play two matches.  If you win the first round, you proceed to the winner’s side of the bracket.  If you lose the first round, you proceed to the loser’s side of the bracket.  Following the second round of play, the winners progress in their respective side of the bracket.  The pool is paid out for golf balls, first, second, third and fourth place in the winner’s bracket and fifth place going to the winner of the loser’s bracket.   The entry fee is $35.00.


The MGA schedules the first round of play for the President’s Cup.  Scheduling the remainder of the required rounds is left up to the players.  Current handicaps are used for each round of play.  The tournament chair tries to accommodate subsequent rounds by scheduling Match Play tournaments the following two weeks.

MGA/WGA Exchange 

Each season, the men’s and women’s golf association host a tournament for each other.  The play is a two person scramble of some sort followed by a luncheon sponsored by the host.

Member/Member Tournament

The member/member tournament is a MGA sponsored event.  You pick your partner (usually a limit on the handicap deferential) and play some sort of “best ball” round.  The Pro Shop schedules this tournament.  Prize money is distributed at the end of each round.

Club Championship

The Club Championship is played in the fall each year.  This is a low gross/net tournament.  There are three handicap flights.  Players are seeded by handicap index (see flight determination above). Three rounds of golf are scheduled (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  Low gross and low net prizes per flight are given for each day’s play.

The Club Champion is the player with the lowest gross score after three days of play.  Other prizes are awarded for the low gross and low net player within each flight after three days of play.  Prizes are also given for low gross and low net within a flight each day.  

For the first day’s play the four person teams are formed highest to lowest handicap index.  For the second day’s play, no consideration is given to flights; the teams are formed by the lowest gross sore from the first day’s play.  For the third day of play, the teams are formed by sum of the low gross scores from day one and two.

To accommodate as many players as possible, individuals may play one, two or three rounds.  Individual not playing three rounds are eligible for three daily play prizes. Only those players who play all three rounds are eligible for championship rating and three day flight prizes.

If after 54 holes there is a tie for the Championship, the players involved in the tie will go to the first hole and continue to play until the winner is determined in a “sudden death” format.

As in all MGA events, there are no “given” putts.  All putts must be played out.

Sample payout spreadsheet for the Club Championship

Club Champion John Germain $105.00
Club Championship Low Gross and Net Distribution
Flight #1  HDCP  11 or less = 17
Name Gross Net
1st Jones 228 $45 Harter 213 $40
2nd Washburn 237 $25 Bozanich 216 $25
3rd Smith 238 $20 Raymond 216 $20
Average Gross 244.6 $90 Average Net 222.4 $85
Flight #2 HDCP 13  –  18 = 16
Name Gross Name Net
1st Shisler 248 $45 Carlson 209 $40
2nd Aho 258 $25 Laker 215 $25
3rd Morris 266 $20 Durling 220 $20
Average Gross 272.9 $90 Average Net 228.3 $85
Flight #3 HDCP 19 or more  = 14
Name Gross Name Net
1st Watson 275 $45 Fett 211 $40
2nd Hirschmann 281 $25 Wheeler 220 $25
3rd Good 287 $20 Snider 222 $20
291.8 $90 219.5 $85
Totlas $270 $255
Total players @ $15 42 $630
Less Payouts $525
Club Champion $105
Total Distribution of funds $630


The Ludlow Cup

The Ludlow Cup is played by the top twenty players from two handicap brackets determined at the beginning of the year. I know this is biased but it is really impractical to be changing the handicap every two weeks.  The top twenty four players are determined by an accumulation of points during the year.

The points are awarded as follows:

One point for each MGA event played.

If the weekly tournament is “Individual Play” then in addition:

  • 2 points for low gross/net per flight
  • 1 point for second low gross/net per flight

President’s Cup points

  • 1 point for each round played (each player gets 2 points, a bracket winner gets five points)

Additional points:

  • 5 points – bracket winner
  • 4 points – second place
  • 3 points – third place
  • 2 points – fourth place
  • 1 point – fifth place


Club Championship Points

  • 1 point for each round played
  • 5 points – Club Champion
  • 4 points – first place in bracket
  • 3 points – second place in bracket
  • 2 points – third place in bracket
  • 1 point – fourth place in bracket

Additional points:

  • 2 points – low gross/net per bracket per round
  • 1 point – second low gross/net per bracket per round

Ludlow Cup Play:

The field is divided into two teams (Port and Starboard).  A team captain is provided by the Pro Shop for each team.  A player is selected from each team and matched (either by handicap or by the team captain) with a player from the other team. Four player groups (two players from each team) then play three nine (9) hole rounds in a single day.  The format is individual play, two man scramble and two man best ball.  Points are awarded to a player(s) based on play.  The team (Port or Starboard) with the most points is the winner of the Ludlow Cup.