Tournament Chair Responsibilities

Mens 9ers Procedures

1.    Pre Game Procedures for Niners

  • ·       Via email, send note asking members to “sign up” by Sunday evening.
  • Send, via email, tee assignment and starting time via e-mail by Tuesday evening.
  • Flight 1 for those with 9 hole handicaps of 10 or less.
  • Flight 2 for handicaps from 11 to 18, and
  • Gold player flight.
  • ·       Pre-prepare (Pop) the score cards with players names and handicaps if the game requires players to know their handicaps per hole.
  • ·       On play day, arrive in Niblicks between 07:30 and 07:45 for early sign-ins.
  • Have the front desk person make up the KP signs.
  • Post the Tee assignment sheet in the front window.

2. Game Day Procedures

Collect $3.00 per player as they check in and make any foursome adjustments, if needed.

Designate who will collect cards will give you the checked over game cards.

3. Post Game Procedures

When you return from your game.

  1. Determine the winners. who has lowest net in Flight #1, Flight #2 and Gold Flight.
  2. Winners get everything back that was paid at check in. Pay out to fifth place, if possible.
  3. Winners can only win on prize per week, e.g. net or gross.
  4. Put award money into envelopes with winner’s name and leave at front desk.
  5. Email results by Thursday evening.


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